EpiSoft Revolutionises Chronic Disease Management

EpiSoft Revolutionises Chronic Disease Management

EpiSoft was featured on SBS TV's Small Business Secrets show. For those of you that missed watching live you can view the segment below. 

Watch EpiSoft founders, Jenny O'Neill & Michael Hurse, explain how and why they came up with the EpiSoft concept and the secret to the companies success. 

The Sydney Adventist Hospital were kind enough to allow us to film in their beautiful Integrated Cancer Centre. Nurses Debbie & Priscilla and project manager Fran are all wonderful advocates of the software. A special thank you to Jannelle who kindly allowed the crew to film her treatment, everybody here at EpiSoft wishes you a speedy recovery.   

Click below to view the video 



Due to organic growth and recent investment EpiSoft is expanding. Episoft is a dynamic and fast paced organisation with an exciting start up culture in the high growth eHealth sector. 

EpiSoft is improving the lives of people with chronic illness. We have a friendly working environment with flexible working arrangements. We are looking for people wanting to make a big difference to improve the lives of others


Sales Director

Helpdesk & Software Training Manager

We kindly request recruitment agencies should not approach EpiSoft


EpiSoft is part of the winning team!

EpiSoft is part of the winning team!

We are very proud to announce that EpiSoft was part of the winning team at the recent Sydney Adventist Hospital Quality Awards. 

The project, 'Implementation of a Day Infusion Management System' for which they implemented Cancer CareZone, won Safety Initiative Award. The project involved teams from across the hospital including Information Services, Medical Records, Pharmacy, Clinical Trials, Patient Services and of course every member of the POON Day Infusion Centre. 

Below is a photo of the EpiSoft team & San project managers celebrating their win. 

Congratulations to all involved in the project and thanks to the San for including EpiSoft in the awards. 


Innovative Tasmanian Smoking Cessation Study Results in 3 Times Higher Quit Rate

Innovative Tasmanian Smoking Cessation Study Results in 3 Times Higher Quit Rate

After our recent day out at the Cancer Innovation Conference  learning about the difference smoking cessation can make to the health, well-being and treatment outcomes of patients even after a cancer diagnosis I was very excited to hear about an innovate study being undertaken in Tasmania to assist pregnant women to quit smoking.  

The study rewards participants with a voucher each month if they are verified as having remained smoke free using a simple CO monitor. 

The preliminary results show a 30 % quit rate which is three times higher than the normal Tasmanian rate. 

Read the study in more detail here

New cancer treatment ‘can eradicate tumours completely’

Scientists at the University of Glasgow wanted to develop a way to improve therapy that induces cancer-cell killing while also mitigating unwanted toxicity. 

Currently, most anti-cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy) work by killing cancer cells through a process called apoptosis, which activates proteins called caspases, leading to cell death.

The new method of killing cancer cells – called Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD), and published today in Nature Cell Biology, led to the complete eradication of tumours in experimental models.

To read the full article click and watch an explanatory video for the lead author, Dr Stephen Tait, click here

Groundbreaking research allows scientists to visualise where aggressive skin cancer melanoma will spread, opening door for new treatments

Groundbreaking research allows scientists to visualise where aggressive skin cancer melanoma will spread, opening door for new treatments

Scientists in Spain have found a way to detect skin cancer spread (metastasis) before the process even happens. The researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) developed special bioluminescent mice, called ‘MetAlert’ mice, which ‘glow’ to show how the skin cancer cells prepare the surrounding areas prior to beginning to metastasise.

The team also identified a protein called MIDKINE which is involved in metastasis and discovered that switching this protein off could be a potential way to treat skin cancer. These game-changing findings were recently published in prestigious journal NATURE and you can watch a short animated video demonstrating the key findings here

The full article can be read here 

chemo@home on cloud nine with Cancer CareZone

chemo@home on cloud nine with Cancer CareZone

Multi‐award winning home‐based infusion service, chemo@home has selected EpiSoft’s cloud‐based chemotherapy management software, Cancer CareZone as their core business software.
“We are really excited to be working with chemo@home, I think there is a real synergy between our two businesses, two highly innovative, women led businesses working together to make meaningful improvements in the care of cancer patients” said EpiSoft founder, Jenny O’Neill.
Perth based, chemo@home provides chemotherapy to patients in the greater Perth area and has recently expanded to Adelaide. The benefits of this service are enormous, patients of chemo@home having described how the service has empowered them, helping them to meet work, school and family commitments while also limiting fatigue, reducing the risk of picking up an infection and cutting travel costs and the reliance on relatives. For the staff of chemo@home the nature of the business does produce certain challenges particularly from a technology point of view. According to chemo@home founder, Julie Adams her business had very specific IT requirements. “As a mobile business, we needed an application that is
tailored to the specific needs of an infusion service but also is available on the web. With Cancer CareZone our nurses can view their schedule for the day, view the patient’s past treatments, medical history, the treatment plan for that day, record information and even dictate their clinical notes all on their 4G tablets, and this will deliver real efficiencies for our business.”
Sydney based eHealth company, EpiSoft launched Cancer CareZone back in 2014, and since then its footprint for its chemotherapy module now spreads across 5 Australian states, while the platforms other chronic disease management modules are used by organisations across Australia, New Zealand, mainland China and USA.
CareZone is Australia’s first stand‐alone cloud‐based cancer and practice management application. The application combines ePrescribing, infusion management, cancer and other chronic disease specific data capture, smart ‘one click’ scheduling linked to the chemotherapy cycle and electronic billing for both outpatient and inpatient services. The application manages every step of the cancer workflow from diagnosis, ordering of compounded medications to scheduling, drug administration charting and clinical trial management. Another key point of difference is that the application centrally maintains all the Cancer Institute’s EviQ protocols so that health care providers can easily access and prescribe the latest, evidence based, peer reviewed and best practice cancer treatments.
As well as CareZone, EpiSoft has also developed an award‐winning web‐based application,
eAdmissions, that enables patients to complete and submit their administrative and clinical histories prior to a hospital admission or clinic visit. eAdmissions is in use in over 60 hospitals across Australia and has processed over 350,000 admissions.

EpiSoft team expands

EpiSoft team expands

We are very excited to welcome two new staff members to the EpiSoft team. Both Gihan and Marina come to EpiSoft with a considerable number of year experience in software development including in the health industry. 



Newly Refined "Liquid Biopsies" Could Detect Cancer From Simple Blood Tests

Newly Refined "Liquid Biopsies" Could Detect Cancer From Simple Blood Tests

Researchers announcing their preliminary results at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago this week say they have made major steps forward towards “liquid biopsies”.

In 89 percent of patients, at least one genetic change detected in the tumor was also found in the blood.

Watch the video below or read more here

What is eviQ?

What is eviQ?

Some of our overseas users may not be that familiar with eviQ, the Cancer Institutes online resource providing health professionals with current, evidence based, peer reviewed and best practice cancer treatment protocols and information.

Here is a fantastic video that the Cancer institue has put together explaining what EviQ is, how it works and what are the benefits to using it. 


CareZone GI presentation at 2016 Viral Hepatitis Conference

Congratulations to Dr Debra O’Leary et al on their presentation of the B in IT program at the 10th Australasian Conference for Viral Hepatitis on the Gold Coast in Sept 2016. 

The “B in IT” program is a configuration of EpiSoft’s CareZone for the management of chronic viral Hepatitis B, including support for shared care between hospital-based hepatologists and General Practitioners. 

A summary of the paper by Dr O’Leary et al can be found at:


Click here to contact us for a demonstration of the B in IT program and to discuss its suitability to your Liver Clinic.  

COSA 2016

We are so excited to be at COSA 2016. Come say hello to Sally & Aoife at booth 22 in the exhibition hall. 

Here is Aoife with her new 4 legged friend Kazoo from Without A Ribbon foundation. Our office dog Poitin will be a bit jealous! 


The San Run For Life

The San Run For Life

EpiSoft is very excited to have a team entered in the San Run For Life on Sunday 13th of November. 

For those of you that are not familiar with the annual fun run it raises valuable funds for the San Foundation and the Integrated Cancer Centre at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, causes that are very close to the heart of everybody here at EpiSoft.

Spring is the perfect time to shake off that winter hibernation and dust off your running shoes, so sign up today for the San Run For Life get fit and give to a worthy cause! 


The NCI Dream Team getting to grips with Cancer CareZone

The NCI Dream Team getting to grips with Cancer CareZone

Our first NCI site is up and running. The nursing and admin staff have taken to Cancer Carezone like ducks to water. Which is quite fortunate as there was a lot of literal water on the go live week with the wild storms. 

A big thank you to all the team at NCI St Leonards and the EpiSoft implementation team who put so much hard work into making the implementation go as smoothly as possible. 

Above is the ever glamorous Meredith, NCI's Director of Nursing and techno whizz Christian, NCI's Nurse Unit Manager. 

5th Infusion centre goes live!

Implementing our fifth site for Cancer CareZone at the busy Northern Cancer Institute in Sydney happened in the same week as wild storms damaged the building.  Nevertheless, the staff adopted the new technology enthusiastically.

The San Goes Live!

The San Goes Live!

Implementing our fourth site for Cancer CareZone at the extremely busy Sydney Adventist Hospital involved EpiSoft and San super-user staff training of 88 Drs, 25 nurses, 6 pharmacists, and 10 administrative staff.  It also involved the creation of numerous customised protocols, the integration of labs, PAS, clinical reports and billing systems. 

January 2016 Update

As day procedure centres in Qld implement Cancer CareZone, the move from a mixture of medical practice software and paper-based recording to an all-in-one day hospital infusion clinical management system has kept EpiSoft on its toes enhancing and improving all the product features that are expected in a quality practice management system including improvements to letter writing, ad hoc (non protocol prescribing), tracking authority scripts and imported test results.  With our previous focus on the protocol module and chronic disease clinical data capture, other modules important for practice efficiency have been given some much needed attention.

Cancer CareZones trans-Tasman launch

Joining the health record dots for cancer sufferers is the aim of Sydney-based eHealth companyEpiSoft’s newest offering Cancer CareZone.


EpiSoft received a grant from Commercialisation Australia during 2013 to help launch its cloud-based solution for integrated cancer management.


Enthusiasm among EpiSoft’s early adopters is very high with oncologists, nurses, nurse unit managers and administrative staff all enjoying the intuitive, friendly and deceptively simple user interface and clinical tools.


EpiSoft has been working with two very different private health providers to pilot Cancer CareZone, one a company offering screening and early stage detection of skin changes that could lead to melanoma.  With over eighty clinics across Australia and New Zealand, the technical challenges included integrating administrative and clinical data between EpiSoft’s cloud-based Cancer CareZone product and the healthcare provider’s own proprietary technology for high resolution photography, image storage and diagnostic reporting.


The other healthcare provider is a Sydney-based private hospital group with day procedure centres providing oncology and haematology services in the Sydney metropolitan area.


EpiSoft’s oncology management system is underpinned by the protocol management engine EpiSteme which the company launched during 2013 for hepatitis shared care.


The Cancer Institute’s EviQ protocols are built into the EpiSteme system using an expert authoring tool that then publishes to the patient record as a draft drug order.  EpiSteme expands the chemotherapy drug regimen with a more complete treatment “prescription” covering appointment scheduling, prompts to order tests, review results and perform other clinical tasks.


And the nurse administration chart has everything a nurse needs to see at a glance when administering the drug: the patient’s observations, urinalysis results, their allergies, access infection, latest relevant blood results and the weight and body surface area.  Changes made by the specialist to the drug order are also visible including dose reductions, drug substitution and drugs ceased and the reasons.


The drug administration chart supports nurse co-signature and ad hoc inclusion of telephone orders and standing orders.


EpiSoft is now in the process of building further electronic bridges with more and more service providers of its lead sites.  We are aiming for closed loop chemotherapy medication management with the plan being the electronic prescription will flow seamlessly from specialist to pharmacist worklist for ordering to the external compounding company for compounding back to pharmacist and then to nurse in the day infusion centre to the patient.  We have most of those electronic steps in place and are now testing the remaining areas of the system that will make the medication process completely paperless, automated and instantaneous.


Developing a billing system in the same timeframe as such a challenging clinical system development project was always going to be an issue for a small company so EpiSoft enlisted the help of software company McCauley Software to help integrate CareZone with the Medicare claims and payment gateway.  We explored a number of opportunities for partnership in the billing space but McCauley Software appealed because we could achieve ‘black box’ integration with a transactional claims and payment processing system living under the hood of the EpiSoft user interface. We could also enlist the nationally recognised expertise of founder Dr Vince McCauley in the Medicare claims and payment arena.  Combining this with the EpiSoft’s own knowledge of the inpatient process and billing environment, they now have a Software as a Service platform that provides a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient practice management and billing system with a next generation cancer information system – web-based, iPAD friendly and now rolling out to private oncology and haematology practices.


One of the great features of CareZone is its ability to morph into so many different views for different clinical communities.  Primary CareZone which EpiSoft launched in Melbourne in early 2014 is servicing the administrative and clinical needs of Medicare Locals running programs for mental health, indigenous care, alcohol and other drug and other chronic disease programs for patients in their regions is running on the same system.

Cancer CareZone pilot commences

A Sydney based oncology day hospital will be the pilot site for Cancer CareZone, the latest in EpiSoft’s suite of clinical management software. The system has alternate views for medical oncologists, skin clinics and other health professionals involved in cancer management. Features include automated chemotherapy protocol generator, procedure registry for skin clinics, practice management functions for inpatients and outpatients, and the ability to create and share information with a multidisciplinary team.